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FAQ of Curtain Tracks

1. Are accessories included in the package?
    Yes, each specification includes the necessary accessories, please check the details page for the specific quantity.

2. Are the first-generation track and the second-generation accessories common?
    No, not universal, please buy the corresponding accessories.
3. How to straighten the track?
    Straighten the curved track first, roll the track in the opposite direction, hold it for a while, and then make partial adjustment after unfolding.
4. Can the track be cut?
    Yes, of course. The track can be cut by a hacksaw easily, just be careful when you cut it.
5. How to install the track?
    There is a detailed install instruction in the package. If you have any problem during you install it, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you once we get the email.
6. If I want to install it on the side wall, do I need to purchase additional accessories?
    Yes, you need to buy the side wall-mount brackets additional. Only the ceiling mount brackets are included in the default accessories.
7. What are the dimensions of the brackets?
    The dimension is about 3/4" W x 1-5/8" L.